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Say goodbye to Print Advertising. Even Broadcast marketing has slowed. Internet Advertising  is now the Top rated Advertising Platform and Website Development is right there at the  top of the mamy internet marketing media. Hardly  a business today can  run effectively without it’s own website.

Websites are integral to business for 2 REASONS:

1) To maintain a business’ customer base with updated information, offers and such , and,

2) To attract NEW CUSTOMERS, and this is where so many of them fall down.  Many websites are not properly OPTIMIZED (as in Search Engine Optimization), which is THE main form of advertising today. If one’s website is not optimized potential customers cannot find them they are losing a lot of prospects.  Sure, it’s good to maintain   regular clientss, but there’s a whole potential audience in cyberspace awaiting them if   only they can get OPTIMIZED.

…and that’s where WORDPRESS WEBSITES comes in.  Wordpress is the number one website on the planet. Call it a blog or website, it’s very user friendly ,  easy to browse and most popular with the Search Robots , who come through  the sites with their algorythms to decide which websites rank higher on  Google and the other Search engines. And, now with the popularity of coupons, Coupon Country circa 1980 has reinvented itself…

Having been in the COUPON Business for over 30 years (Coupon Country direct mail began in 1980) , we’ve seen COUPONS evolve from ‘Funny Money’ we used  y in college to direct mail coupons (Coupon Country, 1980+)  received at our homes, and now to coupons   VIRTUAL-LY EVERYWHERE, with  the INTERNET leading the way as the new COUPON MECCA !  FREE, Valuable coupons are now available at the click of a button, thanks to the internet, our computers and coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social, etc and the multitude of coupon sites around long before the Daily Deal sites – those like  YellowPagesCoupons.net and BayAreaCoupons, info, our very own coupon sistes,   which  evolved from print,  naturally, with the internet revolution from our coupon books mailed to the homes (Coupon Country).

Now folks need not wait for their mail. They can go right to various websites to download and print coupons.  And that’s where we come in.  After building dozens of  COUPON WORDPRESS sites to serve our local and national customer base, we’ve had to spend hours and days learning the ropes to get the most effect and results from these sites like YellowPagesCoupons and BayArea Coupons.

To date, we’ve primarily run individual posts for our clients, included FREE when they go into our coupon book mailers, OR, for $99 if they don’t.  NOW, WE CAN OFFER A FULL-BLOWN WORDPRESS WEBSITE for virtually the SAME COST!  Not only does this allow for more SPACE for advertisers to list their services and products but it allows for MORE EVERY-IMPORTANT KEYWORDS, which are backbone, along with BACKLINKS in getting to the Top of Internet -Searches, and thereby, RESULTS, ie PEOPLE FINDING AN ADVERTI’SER’S MESSAGE!

No, it’s not ALL COUPONS, but if you’re going to have a website, why not offer a coupon or two or three. Afterall,  recent surveys show that nearly 70% of people use COUPONS, and , in these economic times, a COUPON can be the difference between someone buying or NOT buying from a business.


For $99 you’ve got a TOP, OPTIMIZED WEBSITE and another $99 a month keeps you ON TOP of GOOGLE and other search engines will give you just about all the adverising you will need! And we’ve got it here!  So, give a call today and start attracting that internet market that awaits your web offers!


bout WORDPRESS WEBSITE – New Advertising Business – Contact

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